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Setup Wifi Access Point for Intel AC7260 3210 for TK1

Introduction.Your TK1 and WiFi card Intel AC7260 or 3120 are working well in station mode, and you want to make your WiFi card working  as Access Point, and can be switch between Access Point mode and Station easily .This tutorial will guide you step by step to reach the goal.  1. Setup hardware.Make sure your Wifi card installed on the TK1 board and work normally in Station mode. 2. Setup software.- I had written a shell script to cover all steps to setup, just clone the repository and run the file    git clone above command without any errors you properly finished the software setup. Now we NEED to modify some system configuration to finally make you Wifi card work.Different with raspbian, Ubuntu manages network devices by Network Manager, and when Network Manager managed the wireless device, it will always make your wifi card work in  Station Mode.Check to see that Network Manager is…